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Every day managers and leaders at all levels in an organisation are faced with situations and events that require them to reflect on the way they think. Successful leaders and managers have one thing in common - they learn by doing and by applying their experience to day-to-day activities. At the core of their learning preference is a continuous examination of the taken-for-granted assumptions that inform their approach to decision-making and relationships.

The HRCgroup IFRAME Critical Thinking Model provides managers and leaders with an effective, yet simple process to help them understand and work through the myriad of challenges, contradictions, and frustrations that stand in the way of reflecting and thinking critically. The process is underpinned by a three "pillar" framework of Collaborative Inquiry, Interpersonal Communication, and Language and Linguistics.

Through the IFRAME Critical Thinking Process you will be able to improve your relationships and decision making by examining your own assumptions and those of others, developing an awareness of the meaning perspective in people's use of language, using appropriate questioning techniques, and applying the IFRAME process to foster critical thinking.


Topic areas for you to consider in supporting the Critical Thinking Process:


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